Tyrese Tells Wendy Williams Her Ex-Husband Banned Him From Her Talk Show On Wednesday’s show, Wendy Williams interviewed singer and actor Tyrese Gibson. He stopped by to promote his new movie, Black and Blue. During a commercial break, Wendy asked Tyrese where has he been because it had been about 3 years since his last visit to the show. Tyrese told Wendy that he had been banned from the show by her soon-to-be-ex Kevin Hunter because Kevin thought that Tyrese was flirting with Wendy. Wendy, who was preparing for the next segment, paused on the segment to tell the story and to go off on Kevin. Looking into the camera she yelled, are you serious Kevin? Are you serious? Who are you flirting with? Then made a mock baby bump gesture. Have you ever broken up with someone then found out something they did or said about you? Did you confront them or did you let it go? How did you handle it?