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Let’s ask Ye; recently, he and Ty Dolla $ign hosted a listening session and dropped their new track called ‘Carnival,’ which has Kanye comparing himself to some controversial figures. Carnival is just one of a handful of songs being released as Ye keeps fans waiting for the full Vultures drop… including one featuring him and Kim Kardashian’s oldest; North West.

Kanye rapped, “Elon, where my rocketship, it’s time to go home/They served us the corn since the day we was born/Anybody p**sed off, gotta make them drink the urine/Now, I’m Ye Kelly, b***h/Now I’m Bill Cosby, b***h/Now I’m Puff Daddy rich.”

He continued, “That’s ‘Me Too’ me rich/First she say she suck my d**k/Then, she say she ain’t suck my d**k/She ’gon take it up the a*s like a ventriloquist/I mean, since Taylor Swift, since I had the Rollie on the wrist/I’m the new Jesus, b***h, I turn water into Cris’/This for what they did to Chris/They can’t do s**t with this.”

Vultures still hasn’t reached the streaming platforms, even though it was scheduled to be released on Friday.
What do you think of the new song?

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