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What in the universe!! Scorpio in Mars got everybody feeling some kind of way!

Courtesy of my good friend, Astrologer/Messenger Maurice Lee 
MARS in Scorpio Dec 6th thru Jan 18th 2022
What does that mean for us?
When Mars ingresses into Scorpio, on Dec 6th, the exploration of our social dynamics shift where relationships, passions and the assertion of those things take on a more intense inward turn. Mars the planet of war, is also termed the god of innovation and change. It’s about assertion, action and aggression, and in the sign of Scorpio, it can bring incredible intensity.  Scorpio is the sign of mystery, death/rebirth and inner transformation. This fixed water sign holds the passion and stubbornness of Mars, especially since it is in its rulership in Mars.
Your focus around everything will intensify and you could end up losing yourself in the core of the things and situations that trigger you, especially in the context of social rights, or in our close  relationships as Mars gets closer to the Galactic Center in January 2022. The Galactic Center sits at around 0-1 degrees of Sagittarius and as Mars crosses this point, it undergoes an upgrade of its energy.
ARE WE WILLING TO RECEIVE COSMIC UPGRADES? Cut the non essentials off for they may stall your souls progression. #marsinscorpio

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