“I believe that my hair is a beautiful reflection of my Blackness and not a negative indication of my character or work ethic.”

I believe this is a judgement that most Black Women have to endure on the journey through corporate America. My question has always been, who gets to make these decisions on what’s professional or not when it comes to Black People’s hair? Why are these restrictions and limitations put in place for people of color? Especially since these hair styles are dealing with a people’s natural look. We are talking about people fashioning themselves in the image they where born to look like. Black woman are the only group of people, who are considered at times revolutionary, threatening, or unprofessional for simple wearing their hair natural. Makes me feel sad to know that our women are scrutinized so hard. Click here to read more….

“If my hair is to be a reflection of my character, it should show the world my inner beauty, creativity and determination in the face of strong odds.”