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Why Did Governor Bevin’s Coming For Lil Wayne? And Why Did Lil Tunechi Come Out Dressed Like Dr. Teeth From The Muppets?

Although Lil Wayne did come out looking like Dr. Teeth of the Muppet’s, I don’t understand why the Governor would feel the need to come after Wayne calling him a Has-Been. I’ve seen several major sporting Halftime Shows in which the producers paired old acts with the latest hottest. This is very common, so why feel the need to point out Lil Wayne’s popularity status. Last I checked Wayne’s last album charted, and he’s still in high demand. I don’t believe him being paired up with Imagine Dragons was a bad look for either party. In fact Lil Wayne’s performance drew in my interest, which exposed me to Imagine Dragons for the first time. It was my first time putting a face to the music.

This leads me to believe one out of three things. One Bevin really like Imagine Dragons and felt Wayne really ruined the show. Two he really doesn’t like Lil Wayne as a artist. Or three, he has a personal problem with Lil Wayne and his crossing over into main stream pop culture. Perhaps a combination of the three. Either way it goes, I feel tweeting what he tweeted was a little weird and harsh.

Now Thanks to Skype Millions of Patients Can Visit The Doctor From Home

Millions of patients will use Skype for hospital appointments in a “wholesale transformation of the NHS” intended to reduce face-to-face consultations by a third and save billions of pounds.

Digital appointments with consultants will become the norm under a plan for the future of the health service revealed yesterday. Thirty million hospital visits a year will be avoided by use of Skype calls, smartphones and other ways to talk to a doctor.

Teacher seen dragging boy with autism through Kentucky school on video is fired

Posted by Angel Nelson on Sunday, January 6, 2019

I know dealing with children with special needs can be extremely challenging, but this is not the way! If this was my child, not only would I want her fired, I might be filing criminal charges as well. At the very least I would push it, so the teacher couldn’t work in child care anymore… Do you think my judgement would be fair?






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