First, Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

Today used to be known as Columbus Day, but a few years ago the citizens of America came to the necessary realization that maybe we shouldn’t celebrate this man for landing on and disrespecting an entire island of people. An attempt to undo many years of unearned celebration and disrespect to the true victims was made and although it was never made a federal holiday, Indigenous Peoples’ Day was born. Now….we know why they didn’t call it Indian Peoples’ day. But, why do you think they named it Indigenous versus Native American day?

Well, it’s because the term Native American was first coined by the Nativist. The Nativist were the original Europeans brought here due to transportation. In the mid-1800s, the Nativist were threatened by the increase of immigrants coming to American and sought to terrorize them from the moment they hit the coast. They were strong in promoting the interests of native inhabitants of America. Now, before we go forward, I have to say this. The 1828 Webster’s definition of native as a noun is ‘one born in any place is said to be a native of that place, whether country, city or town’. The Native Americans were anti-negro, anti-Catholic and were not fond of the Democrats or Republicans. They often wore regalia of the indigenous tribes in mockery. Lot’s of Indian wars spurred up around this same time as well.

Louisville has it’s own history with the Nativist having experienced Bloody Monday on August 6, 1855. A horrible day in which the Protestants attacked the German and Irish Catholic immigrants killing more than 22 people and burning down houses and buildings. They almost destroyed the city as the activities of that day resulted in a mass exodus of Louisville to places like St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee and kept Louisville in a very dark place for quite some time.

So, if there was ever any confusion about why the day is Indigenous Peoples’ Day rather than Native American Peoples’ Day, just know that it’s because we are not the same people.

Do you celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Check out this video from Dane Calloway explaining more about the Native Americans —->


~Tia Marie