Here’s Why You Can’t Stop Farting At The Gym While doing reps, ever let one rip? It happens to us all occasionally. Here’s why. According to Dr. Peyton Berookim, the director of the Gastroenterology Institute of Southern California, “Any exercises that involve physical bending or twisting can cause the air in our digestive tract to be literally pushed out,” noting it’s especially pronounced in those who lift weights and do CrossFit. Jim White from Virginia’s Fitness & Nutrition Studios blames breathing, revealing, “An individual’s inability to inhale and exhale properly can cause flatulence at a higher rate.” White recommends breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth. Both Berookim and White advise avoiding high fiber foods and carbonated drinks, while Audra Wilson, RD, at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital says stop gulping water to curb the flatulence. Ever run into this at the gym? When was the most embarrassing incident?

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