Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Say ‘Bad Boys 4’ is A Go

Bad boys for life! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence announced Tuesday that they are reuniting for another sequel in their “Bad Boys” franchise.

Smith took to social media with the news of “Bad Boys 4” with a video on his verified Instagram account. In the video, Smith amps his followers up as he climbs into the car and drives.

“Yo, I’ve got an announcement,” he says in the beginning. “Y’all better stop scrolling. Seriously.”

He then heads to Lawrence’s house, where Lawrence opens the door and asks, “It’s about that time?”

They say in unison “Bad boys 4 life” before riffing on the fact that the third film, released in 2020, was titled “Bad Boys For Life.”

For more details about Bad Boys Four go to the following link: https://eurweb.com/2023/will-smith-and-martin-lawrence-say-bad-boys-4-is-a-go-watch/