Winning Lottery Ticket To Expire Soon! Are You Holding The Winning Ticket???

If you played the Powerball in Kentucky last July, you might want to recheck your numbers. There’s one unclaimed ticket out there that’s worth $1 million. What’s more is the ticket, which was sold in Pendleton, will lose its value if it isn’t redeemed by January 12th, lottery officials say. “It’s rare that someone holding a $1 million Powerball ticket fails to cash it in,” says Kentucky Lottery President Mary Harville. “The ticket is expiring in less than two weeks. However, the Lottery is not giving up hope that we will find the owner and award them their prize.” If no one steps forward, the money will be placed in Kentucky’s Unclaimed Prize Fund, which is used to support the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, Harville says. Have you ever misplaced a winning lottery ticket? How much was it worth?

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