I partially agree with Sir Charles. Reparations is a touchy, difficult subject to discuss, let alone come up with a peaceful resolution that satisfies everyone. I disagree with the whole, “Government Should Apologize Instead”. At this point, a apology is nothing but more EMPTY words, with very little action attached to it.

Here’s my solution. I’ve been working on it every since I left college. My last school I attended North West Oklahoma State University. At this school I met several class mates who were born of Native American decent, and they were attending school a a full scholarship funded by the Government, just because they were proven Native American descendants. I and most of them felt those scholarships are one of our governments many attempts to Repair the damage, their very Violent and Racist and persecutions of those people the our past. Our government recognizes that  the harsh treatment of those people have set them back tremendously in a social economic since. So by giving them a path to success, like a free college for example, is a acceptable way to not only aid in restoring something that was in-justly taking away from these people such as, opportunity for success in life and a true shot at being left any type of inheritance from your close descendants.  Most folks outside of the minority perspective don’t realize that the only thing that most African, or Native Americans people inherit from our people, was the Struggle…. And that by and large comes at the fault of the system in which we were born in. Plain in simple it was the cards we were dealt.  Now there’s no reason African American’s don’t deserve to get the same Reparations that the Native American descendants receive. Every minority group that has gotten done that way by our government has received some sort of reparations other than Blacks. The Native Americans has gotten theirs. Along with those Japanese descendants of the Manzanar Camps during WWII got theirs. Some Jewish Americans got theirs after the holocaust. But Black folks get a, “SCREW YOU, GET OVER IT”. We get told, “IT DOESN’T EFFECT YOU”. And “NONE OF US WERE BORN BACK THEN”.

Free college is a free path to success. The very same path that was blocked for our grandparents and great grand parents as a Government enforced narrative. Meanwhile at the same time that same Government collected our great grandparent’s TAX MONEY. Talk about UNCONSTITUTIONAL…. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is written in the constitution but was denied to generations of TAX PAYING, WAR FIGHTING, LAW BINDING CITIZENS, like our grandparents. AND THAT DOESN’T AFFECT US???

Now the scholarships I’m talking about wouldn’t  just come without any hard work or qualifications connected. Scholarships would only are dealt to the students who qualify academically. So its not like the Government would be giving free money to slackers. The Government would just be restoring the very same Rights and Opportunities that was denied to our for fathers and mothers by the Government’s own hands. The powers that be purposely prevented the educations of Blacks for the first couple of hundred years of our existence on this land just to set the social economic table that we all eat from today. And to a certain extant, our country has reaped exactly what a sowed when they implemented those Racist policies.

I believe I  just gave the Blueprint on how to give African Americans REPUTATIONS.  If a chain or a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link. I believe the ghetto’s and low income neighborhoods along with the public schools adjacent to them are America’s weakest links of our social economic society. If we create strong educated professionals out to the potential mis guided, and often discouraged  youth that plagues those community while at the same time padded the stats  of our national crime and prison rates. I believe it will have a immediate trickle down effect on our society for the greater good. Education is liberation. If every Black Kid entered middle school knowing all I have to do is work hard in school, and stay out of trouble, and there’s a GUARANTEED scholarship waiting on them no matter what…. I believe MOST would take full advantage. At the very least, BLACK PEOPLE would have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ANYMORE. #NOEXCUSES  What do you think about my solution?

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