Warning…VIDEO IS GRAPHIC! Tyre Nichols was reportedly pulled over for a traffic violation, and was brutally assaulted and died from his injuries sustained at the hand of 5 former Memphis, Tennessee police officers. The 5 have since been charged with murder, but will have to stand trial to prove their innocence in a beating that resulted in a human being losing their life? What type of training, or “policing” is this, where harmless citizens are losing their lives? We all have rights, but if you do not “comply” or somehow are deemed aggressive, or a threat, you can be detained, arrested, assaulted, warned, threatened, charged, or ultimately lose YOUR life!? Is this case the systems fault, or did the arresting officers do everything they were trained? Regardless of the answer, Tyre Nichols shouldn’t have lost his life. “Capiophobia” is REAL! It is defined as “trembling, shaking, loss of control, anxiety, and panic when encountering police.” This doesn’t give anyone the excuse not to listen to the police when there is a problem, but mental trauma and health should be recognized in a lot of these cases and situations that could’ve been provoked and turned fatal. In the past there have been topics of racism and police brutality, but the current video that was released shows us the trauma Tyre Nichols lived through, and it was fortunate enough to be seen on camera. Thoughts? Hit us @1013magic on IG

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